Point System Description

Purpose of the point system:

  1. The top 11 team players with the most points get rewarded every last day of the month with Elite clan status for the next month.
  2. To encourage, appreciate and respect those who play together and are willing to help the clan and their clan members.
  3. To point out those who are systematically avoiding clan activities and punish them if necessary.
  4. Punishing only those who could(!) but don't want to play with clan and it's members.
    Real life causes, time zone differences, unsuitable character build are perfectly reasonable causes to miss out clan activities
    and will be never punished!
    Penalaty points can be earned only by avoiding: Castle Siege, Fort Siege, Throne of Heroes and Clan Meeting's regulary !

Responsible for the point system:

  1. Clan leader to oversee regular updates and random check points calculation.
  2. Clan Point System administrator for adding your points as soon as possible after events.
  3. Clan members for check up on their points and report it to the clan leader if there are some mistakes.
  4. Everyone to improve and simplify it with their ideas anytime.

Sharing & calculating your points:

  • During all important clan events screenshots being made by the leader.
    This screenshots are uploaded after the event to the clan website: Ronins Documents -> Screen shots
    Who don't find him self visible on the CC list, party, or TS rooms but was participating, inorm clan leader instantly about this!
  • After any clan event the Clan Point System administrator will increase the number of events where the given player was participating.

  • The number of participatiion is multiplied by the point value according to the point system.

  • The sum of all this event points are resulting "Your points".
    This number can be positive meaning you are an active team player or it can be negative, which indicates the opposite.
    - Your actual points can be found at Ronins Documents->Your activity & Points
    - The complete, full datasheet with all your points in this year can be opened by clicking on the title "All your points"

Reseting & keeping points:

  • Your points are reseted monthly.
  • If you are an officer, your time and efforts are honored with +10 points/month.
  • A seperate datasheet keep all your activity + and - points for the whole year.
    Who reach -50 points on that. Can be removed from the clan.