Clan Rules

1. I Respect and follow the orders of the clan leader or the player who he appointed.
During clan events I follow the orders even if i disagree with those.
After the event these contested orders/decisions have to be discussed in pm's.
It is important we learn from each other, therefore we wellcome any constructive criticism any time.

2. Only the clan leader and officers have the right to invite players in clan.
He have to ensure the canidate is suitable for the clan; read, understood and accepted the rules.

3. Experienced players should always provide help and information to new players in clan.

4. Each player can have maximum +1 "box" character in clan, until we can provide a slot for that.
Any other box characters can find a nice home in our boxclan "Hangya" clan.

5. Weekly fee for our clan hall is ~62.450.000 Adena and is covered from the Throne of Heroes drop.

6. Every 2nd sunday we have a big a clan meeting on TS + Discord.
Participation is mandatory, as major decisions affecting you and the clan are discussed there.

7. Clan / Ally / World chat is not the right place for sorting out any personal debate.
It's also forbiden to insult any other player of our clan/allies.
In serious cases take pictures and contact immediately the clan leader or officer
who is bound to respond and provide help for both sides asap.

8. Scamming, stealing, obvious cheating is forbiden and is punished by kicking from clan!

9. Any player in clan who is temporarily inactive need to send a short in-game mail to the leader.
Write the expected duration and reason. Without any information we dismiss inactive players after ~1 month.

10. Repeated,violation of rule 1-7 result 2x warning after wich the given player is banned from the clan.

11. Clan events are announced in Discord and in-game Login info window.
Events can be also anounced directly by using a discord @Clan member group mesage.
You have to participate in atleast 4 clan events (Thrones,Clan Meeting,Fort,Castle Siege) each month.
In case you aren't able to join events without any legitimate excuse players are notfied.
Who still don't manage to gain 10 points until end of that month, will be warned.
In case there is no change that player can be expeled at the end of the next month.

12. In case your next target setting is not set to MONSTER
Or using AoE skill which doesn't require any target during AFK farm
you will be kicked from clan for 1 week, at second occasion permanently!
In case you don't use your title to indicate AFK farming location you will be kicked
for 1 week if it happens again permanently.

14. The clan rules can be changed or override by the clan leader if agreed on by the leaders & officers.