-==- P v E -==-


During the PvE period all members should use their ingame time to:

  • Farm & Finish all daylie quests
  • Always try to find players for your pt first on clanchat,ally chat after open pt room.
  • Complete all instances also those which are not accessible from a peace zone
  • Farming faction quests as much as possible
  • Pick all Clan Quest rewards! Collect Clan & Personal fame.
  • Reach next lvl's asap

Macro farm will not be punished in case you use Monster setting on your next target option
and don't use any AoE skills which don't require a target to deal damage.

PK or PvP any Clan member or Ally member for taking away its farm spot/mobs is FORBIDEN.
This is disrespectfull and NOT the proper behaviour in any clan or allyance and will be punished.

10 minute rule at ANY farming spot, area, room whatever:
          If you start farming on a spot and you don't see another clan/ally member farming or lay dead for 10minutes
          the farming spot is NOT considered as owned or taken by you.

  • In case clan/ally member is dead on that spot for longer than 10 minutes, he lost that spot.
  • In case that clan member resurrect/return on the spot within 10 minutes, the spot remain his.

          Make 100% sure you are not on or to near any clan/ally member before you go afk.
          10 minutes is not long, be patient and make sure you behave fair and respectfully!

Going on PvE period does not mean that our enemy clans will not send us wars and do their best to start them.