-==- P v P -==-


Warning : In Any case do not stay afk or unbuffed at any non peace zone !

In front of instance:

If you have to leave piece zone and move where the given instance is located;
make sure you use Belief of Exalted skill, or using the shortest/fastest route


  • Use atleast your selfbuffs or ask your party iss to buff you in town.
  • Inform your party mates that you have wars and you will port last when all party members are grouped and ready to enter.
  • If your pt can not enter for some reason stay always close to the npc, and in case of strong enemy die close to the npc.
    DONT get up until your pt did enter the given instance !

In case your pt members are in clan or a cp party plz regroup at clan hall for full buffs and port all together by using:

  • Teamspeak to hear the command for porting.
  • Healer or Iss celestial.
  • Healers should spawn their "Trees" before porting.
  • If rgp isn't successful after this 20-30seconds use self celestials/defense skills

Tip: You can always ask in clan chat or "random" pt members  about the situation, if is safe or not.
You can add there also your own "noname" box as camera to check the situation.
Be sure you observe the area for more than 30 seconds. Enemy players can use hide skills !

Solo farming :

If war appear while  you solo farming always write on clan chat, SHORT: your location and name/class of the enemy !
In case none is able to help you take a small brake 5-10 min and continue after maybe in a more hidden spot.

Solo/Mass pvp :

Try to make or join some clan parties for pvp fun and practice. This is why the pvp period exist do not forget that.
Solo hounting is also funn,but dont try to attack a way-waymore stronger enemy. Play smart !

  • Do not be afraid of death by war .You lose only less then 1/4 of the xp you would loose if you die from a mob.
  • Returning to clan hall also returns 70% of the xp you lost upon death.
  • In case you still lose to much xp and enemy is "guarding" your body,
    relog your main char so the enemy will loose interest and leave the area.
    Move your Lvl 101+ ISS to the spot and when there is no enemy nearby
  • If pvp its to hard for you ask for some help or kill an easy target and bsoe or help with searching for enemies.
  • Avoid 1 vs. 7 pvp for sure it will not be fun for you and you will die and be sad or mad after .

Loosing clan reputation points douring pvp does not matter!
What matters is the fun and the practice, but stupid deaths like afk at a pvp zone are not well recieved

World chat / Friendships :

During pvp gameplay insulting your enemies in world/hero chat is forbidden.
Many enemies have their diferent gameplay style and it is not worth to get mad cause of it .

Friendships matters a lot in this game.
However when we have war with a clan where some your friends are doesn't mean you will let your friends kill your clan mates
and you will just stay around and watch !


Farm :

Farming while PvP is also possible for those who are willing to use their brain.
AFK farm = "Whatever happens happens..."
If you play smart, and use a bit more far & hidden spots or boxes to farm quest items
99% sure you can complete any farm without any problem.

Some basic rules:

  • In designated PvP zones there is NO xp loss if you are killed by a player.
    (Siege zone, Gainak vilage, near some raids, or at Dethrone for example)
  • Never start farming near spawn, port, sayune destinations !
  • Never stay for hours at frequented NPC's or teleport locations.
  • Before port take a look around the gatekkeper at town for active & buffed enemies.
  • Avoid the common farm spots.
  • Use far, hiden spots & rooms. 3-4min+ far from port destination.(no one like to attack without PoM etc)
  • Keep a box iss,healer near in case of death.(Deloged if possible)
  • To be AFK is not healthy!
  • Learn the time when is your enemy awake, what time they start hunting, when they go sleep.


Step 1:

  • Login a box char & create a simple target macro with the most active, recent enemies in it:


  • Invite the box in your pt.
    Sit down close to the port FAR away from you!
    Cancel all his target!
    Start to loop the macro!

Step 2:

  • Check your in-game sound settings.
    Dont mute any sound effects !


Step 3:

  • On the main char use keyword filtering for the word "Token 1"
    Enable the "Notify with Effect Sound" !


Step 4:

  • Start your farm and use your ears !