Roots and our history

The clan originaly PhoenixStars was created by a Hungarian player named Krityu.
He and his fellow 200+ active members joined from a private server NC West Naia when it became  “free” to play in 2012.
The clan quickly established a good reputation on the server and had proper mostly friendly connection with other clans.
PhoenixStars was always seeking independent allies with reasonable, mature members.
Over the years our clan was allied with United,HelenicSpirit,L2truth.
The clan was highly populated 99% of them where the Hungarian founding members with some additional new players.
Server community was healthy at that time so it was possible to keep up a good relationship with any of the clans.
In 2014 Nova transferred from Chronos to Naia to fight DragonHunters and take over RMT business from them.
Due to our reputation and organization. Nova chose our ally to help them in their fight.
With HelenicSpirit and PhoenixStars supporting them as the PvE side on Dragons and sieges.
Long story short it was a successful.So successful that DragonHunters needed to bribe “Vali” a sticky GM
with endless hunger for dollars to ban key members from their enemies because they lost income in-game.
Therefore 2014 22th of December Vali banned leaders of Nova,Phoenixtars and other high profile enemies
of DH across the server without any explanation or proof of wrongdoing.
The timing was chosen carefully so players DON'T pay full attention to this because of the Xmas holidays.
The plan went wrong and forums where flooded with criticism and anger, therefore forums where shut down for 3 weeks...
After this we fought for our existence, majority of the clan community was devastated and mad as fuck.
Many of the founding players left the server with the other players and their friends affected by this shady business move.
After weeks of fight for lifting bans from the innocent players -amongs with our clan leader- ended up in ignored
automated messages so a new clan was born called RoninsFromPS.
Ronins are samurai who lost their master or lord.
PS is the reference to PhoenixStars clan.
A handful players started working to revive clan and community which existed until then,but it wasn’t possible anymore.
Since that very day DragonHunters become our enemy and we caused many headaches and losses to them over the years.
A few years passed clan had ups and downs but remained always strong and honest and kept his good reputation.
Toxic, dangerous and mentally unstable players where dismissed from clan after Boszorkany was asked to take leadership
early 2015.
Around same time the clan started to recruit more of the international players as still having a 70% Hungarian playerbase.
By time “business” model changes forced out more Hungarian players from the server as pay to win became more relevant.
The clan slowly turned to international, clanchat changed from hungarian to english but the clans heritage and reputation
is still living on until this day under the leadership of Boszorkany.
After a longer period of constant negative changes affecting the server comunty all big clans fell apart because
bad leadership or greedy members Ronins maitained it's status and size to be one of the last real clans with
the most active members.
After adepting to the latest business modell and in-game changes, our clan could again focus more on building
diplomatic relationships with the remaining players, groups and clans on the server.
In 2019 Ronins joined the best and last remaining bigest alliance on the server with high active number of players and
working togehter hand-in-hand since to keep their members having fun in-game after leaving a hard day behind in real life.

In summer 2021 due to both alliance clans got disolved, Ronins remains the only one active independent clan on the server.
Focusing only on the wellbeing of our members.
The duties of clan leadership has being taken over by lNasa after Boszorkany plied to implement new & fresh ideas to keep
the clan lively after 8 years of his firm leadership.

Later that year our clan rejoined it's forces with our old and new friends and allies to play as a conscious independent family.